What are the benefits of crystals

Crystals have been used for various purposes throughout history, and some people believe in their potential benefits.

 However, it’s important to note that these benefits are often based on personal beliefs and not scientific evidence. 
Here are some commonly mentioned benefits of crystals:
Spiritual and Emotional Healing: Many people use crystals for their perceived ability to promote emotional and spiritual healing. They may be associated with specific emotions or chakras and are believed to help balance and align energy.
Stress Reduction: Some individuals use crystals as tools for relaxation and stress reduction. Holding or meditating with certain crystals is thought to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.
Positive Energy and Intention: Crystals are often used to set and amplify intentions. People believe that the energy of the crystal can help manifest their desires or goals when used with focused intention.
Physical Healing: In alternative medicine practices, crystals are sometimes used in conjunction with traditional treatments to support physical healing. For example, amethyst is believed by some to aid in pain relief.
Enhanced Meditation: Many individuals incorporate crystals into their meditation practice, believing that they can deepen their meditation experience and connect with their inner selves.
Decorative and Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their potential metaphysical properties, crystals are often valued for their natural beauty and aesthetics. They are used as decorative items in homes and jewelry.
Feng Shui and Energy Balancing: In Feng Shui and other holistic practices, crystals are used to balance and harmonize the energy flow in living spaces.

 Our Crystals:

Personally Selected:
I spend hours researching and studying crystals in order to stock the best and most useful items from reputable small businesses.
Intentionally Activated:
Activated crystals are like 100% charged batteries ready to support you!  Our crystals are fully activated so when they go home with you they are “live” and can assist you with your wishes.
Individually Cleansed:
After purchasing, your crystal items are cleansed thoroughly and bagged securely to ensure your crystals only work with their owners’ energy.
Graciously Blessed:
I feel forever grateful for everyone who walks into Tranquility.  With every purchase, I want to say a genuine prayer for you because you trust Tranquility for your wellness.